Bid for Power



The Spectacular Fights of Sayan and the Warriors of Ki


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Bid for Power is a third person action game, based on the Quake III engine, giving players the chance to fight in exciting duels between the "Sayans" and the "Warriors of Ki", who will certainly launch Kamehamehas and other powers.

The game is designed primarily for multiplayer, but as usual in this type of release, you can play solo-player against "bots" controlled by AI, which will let you enjoy the game on your own.

In the game you have over a half dozen different scenarios at your disposal, most of which will be very familiar to Dragon Ball fans. Some of the most commonly known include the legendary Planet Namek, or the Room of Space and Time.

Among the playable characters there are none from any official Dragon Ball release, but many will still be similar. This is because of an issue that came up with licensing, but even so, most of the characters are just like Goku and all the rest.

Bid for Power is a very fun action game, that is simply timeless. Addiction at its best.
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